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HTC Sensation Review!

HTC Sensation 4G Review\r
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When I ran the HTC Sensation 4G unboxing, I said, "If you're looking for an Android phone on T-Mobile, this just may be the one you've been waiting for." That comment was based on just a few minutes with the phone, and as anyone knows, the real test comes from using the phone for an extended period of time. Did this statement hold up after running it through my usual battery of tests? Is this the best Android phone currently on T-Mobile?\r
There are a heck of a lot of pros to the HTC Sensation 4G, but also a few glaring cons. I can confidently say this is currently the best phone on T-Mobile, but the cons are strong enough to make you possibly think twice. You'll have to watch the video to find out all of the details, but there is definitely a whole lot of hotness to be had here.\r
What do you think of the HTC Sensation 4G? Are you interested in picking one up?

혁신적인 HTC 도트 뷰 케이스 "이런 원리였어?"

최근 HTC가 자사의 새로운 플래그십 스마트폰 '원 M8'을 발표하여 세간의 이목을 집중시켰는데, 이외에도 한 가지 더 시선을 끈 것이 있다. 바로 HTC 원 M8의 전용 케이스인 '도트 뷰 케이스'다.

도트 뷰 케이스는 일반적인 플립 케이스와는 다른 특별함을 제공한다. 도트 무늬가 들어간 앞면을 두드리면 휴대폰 화면에 블록 형태의 정보가 뜨고 이것을 통해 케이스 앞면에 시간, 날씨, 일정 등 다양 정보를 제공받을 수 있다. 또한, 전화가 왔을 때 케이스를 열 필요 없이 쓸어 올리거나 내리는 등의 제스처를 통해 통화도 가능하다.

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Sgt. Lucas Peters, the founder of serverd in the United States Marine Corps before venturing into the buisness of technology. From an early age he had an interest in electronics, taking as many things apart and putting them back together as he could. While in the Marine Corps he put his knowledge of electronics to use learning and teaching fellow Marines about IED devices that where found in the field. Upon getting out of the Military he opened the first store in his home town of Ponte Vedra, Florida. After two years of being open, iRepairFast has now opened a second store in Fruit Cove with no plans of slowing down.




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